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NightlyPoe said:

Because you said something silly comparing Sega leaving consoles to Rare leaving Nintendo.  And then have refused to back down by making banal statements about how IPs have value and companies like to keep them.

Problem is, companies like to keep money too and Nintendo was owed compensation.  So it's not like a mythical purchase of Sony.  It's an actual purchase that happened.

My point is, Rare giving up Banjo Kazooie is as silly as Sega giving up Sonic. It makes alot of sense to me regardless of both companies different fallouts. Its not a silly statement, thats why Rare kept there rightfully own IPs, Sega keeping theres and Bungie keeping theres. Im referring to the importance of the IP to the devs. That's why i made the Sega comparison.

Nintendo Owning 49% of Rare might not have included Banjo Kazooie. Or maybe Nintendo didn't have a say in the matter. Maybe the other 51% of Rare over powered Nintendos bargaining agreement. Who bloody knows.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 12 January 2019