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Shadow1980 said:
At this rate, it's definitely going to be cross-gen. And honestly, I hope the gameplay is still turn-based. I'd hate for it to move to a FFXV-style action game where I just control Cloud while the rest of the party is controlled by AI and I'm just flailing about with barrages of melee attacks with a shallow token magic system. I was excited when they announced the remake, but subsequent developments have made me very worried.

I like the action combat better but I think they can mix both forms of combat to try to please the fans.

Xxain said:
Oh stop, put the drum down. We were informed multiple times we would hear any updates on FF7:R until after KH3 release. They latest information was the game went into full product when KH3's main development ended in October or November.

Ok thanls. If it just entered full production then I could see a 2021 release. But if they keep doing the episodic thing then the first episode could release 2020.