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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Chazore said:
graphics wise, the one from 2014 looks quite dated. The latest one is semi decent (I've got shots from my end that show this), but both were good games from a gameplay pov. Story wise, I'd say both are a bit of a letdown, mostly due to either predictable writing, or lacking depth, both for characters and it's universe.

The first one had a pretty amazing intro though. A D-Day scenario where you have to go through the beach and then climb onto the fortress walls. And then your friends get trapped and die! The whole hospital part was cool too.   The hospital part was cool! 

Unfortunately, I sold my PS4 copy and when I bought it on PC it had a lot of performance issues ... the rain level was so glitchy for some reason that I could just not play it. Despite having a GTX 970 it went down to 25-30 frames on that level. 

So I've never finished the game and didn't get the 2nd.  

It was, but at the same time, it falls into that kind of Alternate "what if" trope, as well as the general imagining of how D-Day has/would go.

The previous Wolfenstein definitely suffered performance issues, especially on PC. I remember having to open the console command, to edit some lines, in order to get the game running semi stable. The game was hardly any good at supporting past 60fps, and even at the 60fps lock there were constant stutters all around. TNO runs better, still has some hitching though, and some really ugly ass textures/shadow work here and there. Again, they seem so largely interested in their megatextures, like we once saw with RAGE and then DOOM. I still firmly believe that we're not ready for them yet, because they clearly aren't being utilized properly, and end up looking ugly as sin in some areas.