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I can't BELIEVE people pay money to watch this booooooooorrrrring BS. I have never seen "combat" that's so boring and tame. It barely looks like they know how to hurt each other. I have seen more vicious fighters in the playground. I think it's about time the UFC gets FAR better fighters than they have, and makes their product FAR more interesting.

I have some suggestions!

* No more boring 20-minute intros with video packages and the stupid announcer guy with his rundown of each fighter, and then these boring post-fight interviews, WHO FUCKING CARES? Put up their stats, start the fight; allow 2-5 seconds of fanfare and maybe a 1-liner from the winner, and MOVE ON! Get the next fighters out and fighting as fast as possible - I want to see the next fight in 30 seconds if possible.
* Stop with all this boring grappling! Penalize fighters for not throwing their opponents or doing damage and letting them go within 5 seconds.
* Allow more diverse ring gear, ALLOW people to dress up according to their culture (even if it is stereotypical, it will be more interesting this way). Bring people from through the world.
* Almost everyone has the same boring style! Mix it up a bit, allow a large variety of styles, and fire the fighters that copy each other, limit those who have the same style down to 2. Things will be WAY more interesting that way.
* The fights are too tame because of all the silly rules. Allow biting, and make the fighters train stronger so MOST rounds end in a KO.
* 240-second rounds are TOOO LOOOOOONG. But luckily, with removed rules, it will be easier to KO opponents quickly. Lower time to 99 seconds.
* Everyone has the same outfit, bring in some variety! Different uniforms for everyone, except if they went to the same dojo they can wear the same style outfits.
* Everyone with the same gloves is dumb! At LEAST one person should have boxing gloves, another with tape wrapped fists, and another with a claw gauntlet.
* Enough of these stupid, KO and the fights done. It should be 2 out of 3 KOs!
* Every single event has weird fighters I don't care about at the end, get some established boss fighters out there, the winner of the UFC event should have to fight and beat all of them! knocking each out twice. That's the only way they can be a true champion.
* Also They're on like UFC273 or something, why so far ahead? Why not stick with one and go with it, like UFC2, they could have run with the UFC2 title for years! They could have variants like: UFC2 Turbo, Super UFC2, and the best of all, Super UFC2 Turbo!

After a quick reflection, perhaps I expect too much. Maybe I have been overly influenced by some other product.
In the end, IF UFC did things this way, I'd gladly pay 49.99 USD for the home edition.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.