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I bought the complete edition for just $19 on the black Friday sale. Currently playing it on my ps4 Pro in 1080p and it runs beautifully. So the technical side is sound. 


I'm about 60/70% through it I'd guess. It's just blown my mind some of the things that have happened and it's very rare a game gives me that feeling. The gameplay side of things are brilliant and the graphics are decent. But the real winner here is the story.


I played the new order and it's expansion the old blood back on the ps4 original a few years back so I'm attached to the characters. They do such an awesome job with the whole thing.


I can't go into details because I'll spoil it but I'd recommend everyone who likes shooters with a good story behind it to buy this. Currently on sale for €25 on ps4 and the complete edition is €35. You won't regret it.