colafitte said:
Clank said:

Pokemon Lets Go at 5.4M combined (6th place) and Mario Kart 5.06M at 7th... Just amazing after 1 year.

So if pokemon sales dont drop too much it could reach top 5 beating GOW (5,7M), or even MK could beat both, I expect 6.2M or so for MK at the end...


What do u guys think?

That if you only want to compare retail numbers you're are probably going to be right.

But like i said before, leaving behind digital sales benefits a lot more a game like Pokemon than a game like GOW. GOW with digital sales should be at least around 7'5M if not more. Pokemon Let's Go digital sales should be a lot less in comparison, so probably it will end around 10% more that what you expect at retail, so let's say around 7M.

Oh I see, yea my bad then idk much still about digital+retail... But are for example all those switch with pkmn bundles count as digital? And I guess in the nintendo website figures they include digital sales right? Because I found pretty big different between sun and moon at retail 14M and figures there 16M... Thanks :)