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Kerotan said:
Green098 said:

I wouldn't use VGChartz as good indication of Switch's total software sales (besides in a few weeks they'll no longer be keeping track in favour of Nintendo's official data right?)

Nintendo's numbers have software sales at 110.10 million as of September 31st 2018 with next quarters update coming at the end of this month. 

*Note only digital sales of titles with a physical release are included

Nintendo Switch

Hardware:22.86miilion units
Software:111.10miilion units

But that includes digital and sales from a ton of indies that have been doing good numbers. Vgchartz is tracking boxed copies sold at retail. 

The same goes for other consoles like the ps4. If you included digital and indies sold it's number would be much higher then the 135m it's sold in 2018 as of December 8th.

Nintendo reporting sales of games only that have physical releases, so that means only digital releases (majority of Indie games) are not included in that number. And yes, next Nintendo update will show just how much off is VGChartz when comes to sales of Switch games.