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Kerotan said:

But that includes digital and sales from a ton of indies that have been doing good numbers. Vgchartz is tracking boxed copies sold at retail. 

The same goes for other consoles like the ps4. If you included digital and indies sold it's number would be much higher then the 135m it's sold in 2018 as of December 8th.

A lot of those indie games are digital only titles and aren't included in Nintendo's data. The bigger and more expensive titles that do release with physical copies I would say have the same merit as any other game.

And yes no doubt PS4's would be larger too, I was just pointing out the data Nintendo readily provides a more accurate indication of software sales, as do have a goal of 100 million units of software this fiscal year (only digital of physical releases included).

The 60 million paints a picture of doubt that doesn't exist. That's really all I was trying to put out there.

Last edited by Green098 - on 11 January 2019