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wombat123 said:
colafitte said:

Yeah, my prediction is based on Switch not having any price cut, because like i said multiple times, I think Nintendo is going for the pure profit. If of couse, Switch is going to be $200....buff, we will see historical sales in Japan, but do you really think it will happen?

I'm almost positive there will be a price drop because I don't think any gaming platform has gone 3+ years without one; it's just a matter of how much of a drop it will be.  If they can sell a dock-less Switch nationwide (instead of just on their website where I think it's at around $245) in preparation for Pokemon and Animal Crossing then I think they can probably get to that $200 mark.

Good point in the fact that the console will 3 years without one. But despite this, like zorg has said, i expect, intead of a full clean price cut, lots of bundles for the important games.

Talking about a dock less Switch for $200 by the end of the year..... that would a resounding success without a doubt. But i think (and that's the reason the version is limited to website) Nintendo is not interested in selling so low. They must get more profits from the $300 full version.

I do think too, that because Switch did not explode as fast in sales in Japan as DS, 3DS or Wii, there still a market in Japan that is going to buy the console when the games they want come, and that's why i feel there still a few millions more in sales at $300.

But your point are convincing too, it very well could happen.