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colafitte said:
wombat123 said:

It's too early to make predictions for Switch hardware in Japan without knowing what the rumored 2019 revision will be and how much of a price-cut it will get.  If things stay the same price-wise, then I think your 4m prediction is logical based on the software that's going to come out but if Nintendo is able to get the price of the Switch close to the high-end 'impulse buy' territory of $199.99 then sales expectations for the year will be significantly higher.

Yeah, my prediction is based on Switch not having any price cut, because like i said multiple times, I think Nintendo is going for the pure profit. If of couse, Switch is going to be $200....buff, we will see historical sales in Japan, but do you really think it will happen?

I'm almost positive there will be a price drop because I don't think any gaming platform has gone 3+ years without one; it's just a matter of how much of a drop it will be.  If they can sell a dock-less Switch nationwide (instead of just on their website where I think it's at around $245) in preparation for Pokemon and Animal Crossing then I think they can probably get to that $200 mark.

Last edited by wombat123 - on 10 January 2019