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Eagle367 said:
zorg1000 said:

10-11m end of 2019 isnt very ambitious, all that requires is 2017/2018 level sales.

2017, 3.3m

2018, 3.5m/6.8m

2019, 3.2-4.2m/10-11m

I'm not saying that's wrong but "destroy everything" to me sounds like sales will explode, not slight decline-moderate increase.

I'm gonna say 13 mil minimum with the possibility of 14 mil. Next year Vita goes away, 3ds falls further and PS4 is out of things to pull sales from, so NS will have the Japanese theatre all to itself. Combine that with Pokémon and animal crossing and I think it may very well do 5mil or even 6mil+

Ya that's not happening, that would be 6.2-7.2 million

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