shikamaru317 said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Ahhh, by STD you mean Star Trek Discovery? Finally got it due to that comparison.

What a bad acronym for the show though. Makes it look like you're talking about sexually transmitted diseases

Yeah, I have no clue what CBS was thinking when they chose that title, they know that the fans shorten all of the series titles, they should have realized that STD would be the acronym for Discovery, especially since they knew they were making changes that would be controversial to the Trek fanbase. 

TOS- The Original Series

TNG- The Next Generation

DS9- Deep Space Nine

VOY- Voyager

ENT- Enterprise

STD- Discovery

Following the same rules used for Voyager and Enterprise abbreviations, Discovery should have been shortened to DIS by the fanbase, but Trekkies hated the series so much they purposefully shortened it to STD instead. 

I mean... Rightly so, the show feels like I'm watching an STD slowly growing on something that I love.

Seen it said a number of times though, their hope was to turn trek into star wars with this show and that isn't what trek fans wanted, nor would it ever appeal to sw fans as there is so much sw media both tv and films that there is no real demand for faux SW with trek licensing.

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