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Xxain said:
PwerlvlAmy said:

This definitely random. a port of a 6 year old game isn't random, when there's more viable games in recent years that could've been ported. You're basing your ''its not random'' on a what if. ''DD2 is most likely in development'', but we don't know that.  So we can't say this is a testing of the waters moment.

At this time at face value for what it is, it does look like its a random pick because there is no high demand for this game nor a port. More games is great, but at this point in time without a hint of DD2, it does seem like a rather odd choice 

Lets ignore my first response and focus on yours.

Random Port of a 6 year old game...why would CAPCOM choose this?...hmmmm. If you pay attention to porting/remaster behavior, especially in Japan, you will find they never bother with IP's they don't plan to use in the near future.  Just connecting the dots.

Capcom isn't known as a company to make sound or logical decisions.

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