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Intrinsic said:
zorg1000 said:

Not quite, DS shipped 100 million in 4 years & 4 months.

I strongly doubt we can in way way compare a handheld to a home console, especially when the nature of handhelds sales are very different to that of home consoles. And I don't think there are may if at all way other home consoles that has accomplished the same feat. Except maybe the Wii? Not sure about that one.....

Looking at just home consoles

Wii was at 94.97 million shipments at the end of 2011 (5 years, 1 month) so essentially tied with PS4. PS4 will pass Wii and never look back soon.

PS2 is a bit tricky since it had a staggered launch but it was 100 million as of Nov 30 2005, 5 years after western launch and 5 years, 8 months after Japanese launch. If we align regional launches than it's also probably pretty close.

PS2, Wii & PS4 all shipped ~95 million in ~5 years.

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