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Lafiel said:
Yea, with TVs now slowing getting VRR/adaptive synch (which is the open standard "freesync" uses) I was pretty sure nVidea would have to support that in the future, but I'm surprised they "caved" so early. G-Synch might become a high-end premium only thing now.

G-Sync's been around in one form or another since 2014, so odds are between that and how large nVidia's marketshare has been for most of that time, they'll have recouped their R&D costs and then some. It's certainly not been the monumental waste of time and money that 3D Vision turned out to be.

Still, until Freesync manages to equal or surpass all of G-Sync's features, I don't think the latter will be going anywhere in the immediate future, even if its market share drops.