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SKMBlake said:
Mr Puggsly said:

No, I'm not the tech expert guru around here. I'm sure 3DS can do things the PS2, Gamecube, and Wii can't. I mean it has more modern capabilities and effects, I mean a game like RE:Revelations actually looks pretty amazing for 3DS. It kinda reminds me of a OG Xbox game, the assets aren't amazing but its using effects you just couldn't get on PS2 or Gamecube.

I don't think 3DS/New 3DS has the GPU power or whatever to push out the best looking games on PS2, Gamecube, or Wii without scaling them back. First of all 3DS runs at a much lower resolution and still struggles to handle all the assets, visuals, and performance of 6th gen ports. Porting games to 3DS is evidently a lot of work because it often seems changes need to happen for it to work.

This is what makes Switch look even more impressive. While the 3DS was struggling to handle 6th gen content, the Switch jumped way ahead by being a lot more powerful than 7th gen consoles and has solid ports of 8th gen games.

I don't understand your point, you said no then said pretty much what I said. Of course a 2011 device can run games with a more "modern" approach than a 10+ YO device. But we got Gamecube and Wii ports, even scaled down it shows that the 3DS is on par with the GC and Wii

I guess I'm saying 3DS/New 3DS still seems behind 6th gen consoles, it hasn't shown an ability to quite handle their most technically impressive 6th gen stuff. While RE:Revelations is impressive, it doesn't even have the scale of RE4. I'm on the ropes saying 3DS is at par with a Gamecube or even PS2, all I can say for certain is 3DS has some modern capabilities those devices don't. I say that as a person that has played a lot of 3DS and has a good collection.

Switch though, that's well ahead of 7th gen consoles. Its shown that time and time again.

Last edited by Mr Puggsly - on 07 January 2019

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