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Nautilus said:
zorg1000 said:

You said, "So with 45 to 46 million units sold, Switch should at least match and most likely pass the XOne."

Numbers as of Dec 8

NSW-26.1 million

XBO-42.3 million

In order to accomplish that, it would need to sell 19-20 million in the same time XBO sells 3-4 million.

Oh, from now you mean?Then yes, I do believe so.

By end of march it will be around 40 millions shipped, if we are to believe that the forecast will be correct(and maybe it will even do a bit better than expected), then why should it be impossible?And XOne is selling at a snails pace, even if it will end up selling more than 50 millions LT, which is a good number at the end of the day.So by the time January hits, I expect it to return to sell at a snails pace yet again.

None of that is realistic at all. It would have to outperform peak Wii & DS level of shipments.

They might hit their fiscal year goal but they will not pass it by 2+ million and they are not shipping 5-6 million from April-June. Shipments will be 37-38 million by the end of March and add another ~3 million for April-June putting it it around 40-41 million by the end of June.

XBO sell through will be ~44 million at the end of 2018 and add another 1.5-2 million for Jan-June (down from 2.5m in 2018) bringing it to 45.5-46 million so shipments of ~47 million.


Switch will likely surpass XBO this year but it will be near the holidays, not in Spring.

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