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Nautilus said:
zorg1000 said:

It's not possible. Switch isn't selling another 20 million in the same time frame that XBO sells 3 million which is what you are proposing.

What?No, the Switch would have to sell 5 or 6 million by the end of June(Im assuming that Holidays will do the heavy lifting for the 20 million mark), since it will be betwenn 38 and 40 millions by the end of march and then XOne to sell the 3 million give or take for the Switch to pass it.

Where are you getting this "Have to sell another 20 million" from?

You said, "So with 45 to 46 million units sold, Switch should at least match and most likely pass the XOne."

Numbers as of Dec 8

NSW-26.1 million

XBO-42.3 million

In order to accomplish that, it would need to sell 19-20 million in the same time XBO sells 3-4 million.

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