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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
It's sad because I absolutely want a Mario Kart 9 on Switch and this "hurr durr duhm tiddly dumb there's nothing more you can do with Mario Kart, 8 is perfect I don't even want another one" is beyond dumb.

But eh, it probably wont happen. And hey, I don't mind if an F-Zero or Star Fox Racing game take up the spotlight as the new racing release from Nintendo.

I dont want Mariokart 9 because I want Nintendo to give updates and bring new content/features to Mariokart 8 deluxe. 

Bet with Intrinsic:

The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.