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JRPGfan said:
drinkandswim said:

Its not typically used in 4K gaming if thats what you mean. But that doesnt discount it as relevant for the Switch. Since max resolution on the Switch is 1080P.

FP16 doesnt depend on resolution....... its just as good for 1080p as it is for 4k.

In far Cry 5, some parts of the water calculations can be done with FP16.
This means when you are in area overlooking alot of water, or doing things in the water, it might run slightly faster.

But the water part, only makes up a small amount of the stuff the GPU has to do, for you to see the game.
Thats why I said FP16 doesnt make a huge differnce.

There are limits to what you can use this tech for, without heavy drawbacks.
Which is why it wont make a drastic differnce for most of the game.

Think of it as a way to get like +10% performance in certain area's of a game.
Thats pretty much what it amounts too, it doesnt just magically make the Switch twice as powerfull.

I would think its higher than 10% but i would have to read about it more. And i read that its typically not used as much in 4K because it becomes too noticeable.