shikamaru317 said:
Mummelmann said:
Playing AC: Odyssey and RDR2 has made me appreciate Spider-Man more, to be honest. Both AC and RDR2 have a common issue for me; traversing the world becomes a chore and loses its charms after some time, which is of course a problem in a big open world game.

Honestly, Spider-Man kind of had an open world design problem as well. I hated how you opened up new side content as the main story progressed. I'm the kind of gamer that likes to clear the map as I go, completing all side content in a district before moving on to the next. Spider-Man didn't allow that however, it forced to you to revisit already cleared Districts to do new side content, which resulted in alot of backtracking and extra world traversal. 

Some of the side content is too boring, or frustrating to bother with (like the awful Drone challenges), so I don't do it all. Fast travel is unlocked fairly early on though, I unlocked all the police stations from the beginning so I had fast travel points all over all the time from the beginning (when it's unlocked) so this wasn't really an issue for me. The main two factors for me compared to AC and RDR2 is that traversal is actually great fun in Spider-Man, and the world isn't anywhere near as large, making it less of a hassle even if one tires of it. It has weaknesses as well, of course, the most glaring being the lack of variation within the game world itself, which sort of stands to reason since it's the same inner city the whole time.

RDR2 also sports some fairly underwhelming combat for me, the parts I enjoyed the most in fights was actually tighter quarters interior shootouts in 1st person mode. Overall, I've enjoyed all three games immensely, but in my opinion, what should be the hallmark strength of the genre has instead become a weakness in the case of AC and RDR2. AC also had a straight up ridiculous amount of vantage points to unlock, to the point where it just becomes too boring and uninspiring.