Kerotan said:
RolStoppable said:
Pachter is a troll. He knows that what he says is stupid and he says those stupid things because he loves to read his name. He is that much of an attention whore, further proved by having his own show on Gametrailers at some point.

His prefered target are Nintendo fans. That should be easy to figure out when you read through his report card and see his respective grades for PSVR and Switch predictions.

He must feel he gets the best reaction out of Nintendo fans. 


He is a complete and utter Troll and the people who constantly post threads about everything he says are giving him what he wants. 


I'd be fairly confident he gives serious predictions to any companies that pay him. 

Did you feel that way when he was praising the 360 and saying the PS3 would never catch it or how the X1 was going to destroy the PS4 because of how successful the 360 was?  Or what about how Sony was going to go out of business?


The guy is just a poor analyst, end of story.

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