JRPGfan said:
Shiken said:
Remember how he said the PS3 would never catch up to the 360, or how the X1 was going to destroy the PS4?


This is the thing with him.... sometimes he says resonable things that make sense, and others something wildly outrageous and silly.

His overall track record is wishy washy, hes wrong as often as he is right.

Ive often considered that this must be how can generates buzz, and keeps his name relevant, by saying outrageous things that he knows will make headlines. Whats odd is that this doesnt seemingly hurt his bussiness, being wrong as often as right, saying crazy things somehow works out for him.

The only time I have ever seen him right, is when we can already see the data in front of us.  He took a gamble on the Switch's slow 1st half of 18 and made the wrong bet.


Just like he gambled that the success of the 360 would outweigh the botched reveal of the X1.  Then he was right for a while, but only because it was too obvious based on data we already had that the PS4 was destroying the X1.


Nintendo is a hard topic to judge.  Coming off the failure of the WiiU, he was probably looking a for a reason to predict a sales drop.  But then, the success of the Wii proves how u predictable Nintendo's product sales can be.

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