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pokoko said:
KManX89 said:

And this.

Jesus fucking Christ, people are actually defending Activi$ion selling them reticles in an FPS game, WTF?! I'll bet if they actually did charge for ammo like I talked about earlier (which I wouldn't put it past Activi$ion), they'd try to defend that as well. 

This is why modern day gaming is in the state it's in, because of people letting greedy companies like EA, Activi$ion, Konami, Ubisoft, WB, Take Two, etc. get away with it. Some people tried to defend Konami selling them $10 save slots as well, fucking SAVE SLOTS, a basic feature that's been free in every game since the NES days. What next? Charging to load the game up? Oh wait, I'll bet they'd try to defend THAT as well SMGDMFH. 

Let me spell it out in simple terms: if it's a basic feature, YOU DON'T FUCKING CHARGE FOR IT! Just like if it's on the disc, you don't fucking charge for it. That's like record companies saying "we'll charge you $5 extra for tracks 5, 10 and 11 on that CD you just bought".

This kind of socialist entitlement is ridiculous.  You are not automatically entitled to everything a company makes for free.  You're just not.  I don't care how much you whine that you should get it or how much you did that silly little "replace the letter S with $" thing.  Someone else's work has a much value as they can get for it.  If you don't like capitalism then you should probably give up videogames entirely.  Maybe there are some socialist videogame companies out there for you?

Because it takes a hell of a lot of manpower and resources to put a tiny red dot in an FPS game.

And it's not entitlement to say that a basic feature that's free in every other FPS game should be free in this one. I was right, some people really would defend Activi$ion (they will forever be called Activi$ion after all their shenanigans) selling them ammo, and I get the feeling just by reading your posts that you'd be one of the people defending them on that, and you know what? Given everything else they've done, I wouldn't put it past Acti.