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Persona 5 R will be coming to PS4 obviously, but also Switch and PC (the Catherine PC tease today made me feel confident in this)

Switch 2019's line up is gonna be on par with it's 2017 line up.

Koei Temco will get a rep in the Smash Ultimate DLC along side a second Bandai Namco (Tales character) and Square Enix rep (Dragon Quest).

Third Party support on the Switch will be bigger then 2017 and 2018 combined, while it won't get all of the big titles it will get more then what most will be expecting.

Halo Infinite single player will be an open world with some rpg elements that will divide the Halo community big time.

Playground's Fable reboot will be reveal at the end of MS E3 and be the first game confirmed for the Scarlet.

Scarlet is absent this year as it will be targeting at holiday 2020 launch.

MS will continue their plan to buy developers with buying IOI interactive, but fail to acquire any Japanese developers.

Death Stranding, Last of Us Part 2, and Ghost of Tsushima, only one of these games will be release in 2019 and it will be Death Stranding which will be a rather divisive game, while the latter two will be cross-gen with the PS5.

Sony is mostly missing for most of the year outside of releasing Dreams, Days Gone, Death Stranding and possibly that game that Japan Studio last week. But will make a huge splash when the PS5 is revealed around October to December and is expected to release in March.