I was reading this article about analysts predictions: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-01-02-what-lies-ahead-analysts-make-2019-predictions


Here what's Michael Pachter have to say about his Switch predictions:

"Switch sales under 20 million: A+, tracking to 13 million this year"


I mean, how can he congratulate himself with an A+ after saying that the Switch was tracking to sell 8 millions this year, and then saying "oh it will sell 13 millions" ?


I don't know if he means 2018 only, because the Switch already shipped 8 millions before thanksgiving and christmas, or the fiscal year, even after seeing how huge it sold in the US according to NPD and Japan since Pokémon, how huge japanese numbers are since Smash is out, all the historical NPD rumors about Switch's december.


I mean, how can you be confident in the fact that the console will sell 8 millions from october to march and congratulatr yourself for your prediction ?

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