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With the looming possibility of a Nintendo Direct in January, rumors are flying around. 


With everything from Street Fighter 5 to Rabbids 2 flying around, let's have a bit of fun. 


Create your own theoretical direct, and let us rate them in realisim and hype potential. 

Here is mine.


The direct would start with a trailer for a Mario & Luigi RPG for Switch in 2019 for Summer. 

The direct would then go into reminder trailers about known upcoming games, giving some more details for things like Mario U, Yoshi, Daemon, Travis, Crash racing, and Mortal Kombat. 

A new Wii U port, Wonderful 101, would be revealed at this time for the Spring. 

We'd get some DLC trailers then for game that are currently out, including the Pirahna Plant release date (quite possibly after direct). We'd get some interesting reveals here. 

New third party trailers would also be popping in this point, mostly smaller titles and ports. Some of these, however, would excite the fans. 

We'd get a massive information trailer on Three Houses, which would be the major pre E3 title. We'd learn about story, mechanics, characters, and get some Amiibo announced. 

The direct would end with the reveal of a new entry in a franchise of Nintendo's that makes us go 'what, they brought that back?!'. It would not be a massive seller, but it would get people talking in surprise. 


Show me your thoughts, and your own takes. 

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