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Miyamotoo said:
Intrinsic said:

Info at the link Gameindustrybiz#mce_temp_url#


  • PS4 #1 best selling console in UK in 2018 and up YOY from 2017
  • NS biggest mover up 20% YOY (though this should be expected being that it tracked fr at least 2 more months in 2018)
  • Physical sales down by ~3% YOY. Digital sales not tracked. 


On other hand, Switch had launch in March 2017. and launch always gave huge sales in any case, and January and February of this year shouldnt be strong in any case. So March of last year should easily be stronger than this years January and February.


colafitte said:
I have the feeling PS4 is going to be undertracked this year worlwide (have this ever happened to a Playstation before???? ), because if in USA, JP and UK PS4 is similar to last year numbers, how PS4 is going to sell 2-3m less in the rest of the world?

PS4 in US and Japan is down YoY.

On other hand it wasn't severely supply constrained this year. 


Anyway this is a big victory for the ps4. I had some arguments over on VizionEck with people who were panicking after BF sales in the UK. Sony despite much worse deals are up YOY in the UK. They were right not to cut the price permanently this year. They would have thrown away profits and created an unnecessary shortage.