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- $5,445.21 on PlayStation Network

- $280.30 on Nintendo E-Shop

- $399.27 on Windows Store

- $197.9 on Xbox Store

- $544.99 for Xbox One X

- $2,973.01 for PC

- $2,333.40 on Home and Mobile Internet

- $12,174.08 in Total for Games, Hardware, and Connectivity

- $1,014.51 per Month

I'm going to do a better job in 2019 of tracking everything individually. For this year, those are the totals I spent in each ecosystem.

Up a bit from last year's $795 a month, but no where near 2016's $2,170 per month, when I upgraded my TV, Surround Sound, Speakers, and PS4 Pro/PSVR both came out.

2019 will probably be back in the ~$800 a month range, the calm before the next generation. Only big purchases I am looking at for 2019 are AMD's next Flagship GPU for my new PC, and HTC Vive Pro.

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Kevyn B Grams