Mordred11 said:
It's the best Spider-Man movie and the second best superhero movie ever, behind The Dark Knight. I was really happy walking out of the theater. I wish it would be doing twice as good as it is at the box office.

Well, it's gonna do relatively well actually and has a change to become Sony Animation's highest domestic earner. Since it's the vacation period every day is a big earner. It will do 110m by the end of the weekend and if it performs similarly (including slight drop) next week as it did this week then it would reach around 135m. I think that's the point where it will start to drop a bit more through January but it would only need another 35m to surpass Hotel Transylvania.

When it comes to the global release most of them had release date last week with just a couple markets left including Japan to release so I'm not sure how it will be but unfortunately I don't think it will surpass Hotel Transylvania 3 or Smurfs. Regardless if it will do similar results at the domestic box office or slightly higher we can look at a final haul of 370m to 400m

That would be great but obviously this deserves much more. 


PS4 will sell 25 million units before 31st of March!

Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense