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I'm not really up to date on new music. IMO, most of it is trash. However, these are the top 10 best songs of the year that I have heard:

We're Still Here - Steve Perry
No Erasin' - Steve Perry
No More Crying - Steve Perry
The Elements - Tobymac
Sorry - Stryper
Take it to the Cross - Stryper
Lost - Stryper
A Million Lights - Michael W. Smith

Wow... I had to do some digging for some and I couldn't even come up with 10... Steve Perry's 3 singles though are phenomenal.
It was a great year for discovery though. Aside from Pour Some Sugar on Me, I never heard Def Leppard before. Don't know how. But now I love em. Holy crap. Their Rock of Ages collection is one of the best compilations ever! New Retro Wave (youtube channel) also introduces me to some cool 80's sounding indie music.