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CladInShadows said:
SvennoJ said:

The experts, yeah. We call them the breast feeding police. First time one of them breast feed warriors came to the house lecturing us on the benefits. That made my wife feel very guilty pushing through worsening Mastitis in both breasts until she couldn't anymore. A miserable mother in pain every time the baby tries to latch on is no good either. Plus he was losing weight, so that settled that.

A happy mother is a happy baby, works both ways.

Breast feeding is a contentious subject.  My wife felt the pressures of that as well.  She simply does not produce much in the way of milk, though.  So she quickly said fuck that, and we've been on bottle pretty much since the beginning.

Good decision. The horror of pumping for an hour for a little bit of milk, then being so tired and sore from the stitches (c-section) to spill it all on the way to the fridge... That was not a good time. One of the draw backs in having children 'late' in life. We were in out thirties when the first was born.