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SvennoJ said:
VAMatt said:

The problem is that babies tend to prefer bottle feeding to breast feeding, as it is easier to get the milk out of the bottle.  So, the currently accepted "best practice" is to try to avoid using a bottle at all for as long as possible, so that they baby gets used to the breast.  The idea being that you can get the baby to be cool with both the breast and the bottle if you get him hooked on the breast first.  If he gets the bottle right away, apparently, he'll be more likely to reject breast feeding altogether.  At least, that's what the experts say.  

Certainly, the baby will be bottle feeding soon enough.  But, at first, theoretically, we'll be doing breast only. And, in that case, I'm of no use for feeding.  I'm skeptical this will actually work though.  So, maybe we'll be on the bottle within a few days anyway.  

The experts, yeah. We call them the breast feeding police. First time one of them breast feed warriors came to the house lecturing us on the benefits. That made my wife feel very guilty pushing through worsening Mastitis in both breasts until she couldn't anymore. A miserable mother in pain every time the baby tries to latch on is no good either. Plus he was losing weight, so that settled that.

A happy mother is a happy baby, works both ways.

Breast feeding is a contentious subject.  My wife felt the pressures of that as well.  She simply does not produce much in the way of milk, though.  So she quickly said fuck that, and we've been on bottle pretty much since the beginning.