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CladInShadows said:
SvennoJ said:

Our youngest had acid reflux for the first 5 years and couldn't sleep well on his back (or rather not flat at all) in the first couple of years. We came up with the solution that I would stay up until 4 or 5 in the morning with him sleeping on my lap in a semi upright position. Then my wife got up and I got some sleep. I've finished many video games with him sleeping on my lap. It was so peaceful I miss it now. Slower games were perfect for that, for example Valkyria Chronicles.

One thing that made things easier in a way is that breast feeding didn't work very well so he was on formula a lot earlier than we wanted to. Which meant I could feed him during the night. I've given up on reading though, can't read while tired.

My little girl has horrible reflux.  She quite often vomits if she's on her back.  Usually comes out her nose and she goes rigid and screams.  I'm told it's usually something that goes away in a few months, but if not, it could be a fairly difficult thing to deal with. I'm seriously considering that video game solution though. I do normally get up at 5:30 or so to get ready for work, so it might be a situation where I get up at 2AM instead and just sit there with her and game.

I hope she gets better soon. It can take a long time as it did with our son. Since I'm seeing a chiropractor weekly anyway we got him to go along on a discounted plan for the first 3 years. That helped with his digestive tract. Putting him in bed was not really an option, just screaming in pain and all rigid. It was so bad a lot of his baby teeth rotted from the acid and they had to put him under at the hospital to fix his teeth. He's all better now, still a very picky eater yet doing great otherwise.

Hopefully I haven't turned him into a psychopath after many long nights of Dark Souls with him on my lap :)