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VAMatt said:
My biggest concern is my own sleep. I'm a very light sleeper, so shifts won't do much to help me I'm afraid. I'll be awake every time any noise happens, unless I go sleep in the basement (which I'll likely have to do from time to time). Once I'm awake, I can't get back to sleep if I've had more than a few hours sleep, and I need complete silence at that.

We've been told repeatedly to try to avoid bottle feeding for as long as possible, so that the baby will not come to prefer bottle to breast. (That's different than what I remember my sister being told just a decade ago with my nieces, but whatevs.) So, if we follow that (it seems that we will try), I think I'll be useless to the baby quite often, but I'll be awake anyway.

On the plus side, I'm used to going multiple consecutive nights with just a few hours sleep. So, that part *may* not be so big of an adjustment for me.

Pumping milk can be an option to allow you to take part in the feeding ritual.