tak13 said:
Eagle367 said:

Wait we are helping the 3ds in US because if we take profitability in the west, the switch just destroys the 3ds. So we are taking the lowest common denoidenomi in both cases and I feel that is being fair. What do you see in that which you think is wrong?


The wrong thing is that some people here behave like they won't care at all if NS sells as much as or a bit more than wii in Japan , so half of 3ds ( this is its potential as it is now ) because of the huge amount of profits that it will be making ( which in most cases matter more) , when they exculting on npd threads about sales difference between 3DS and NS.

There is a contradiction!

Why would anyone care if it only sells more than the Wii in Japan? That is the price point it is at. But it is outpacing the Wii in Japan and 2019 is set to be Nintendo Switch's biggest year yet. 3DS's lifecycle was 7 years. And there were 4 major revisions with multiple price points. And it was half the price of the Switch within its first 6 months of release. Comparing 3DS to Switch is apples and oranges based on Price Point alone. Price Point is key to widening your base potential. Especially when it comes to the handheld portion of the market.