Ganoncrotch said:

wait... I've played a ton of original Xbox games on a X360 and with a few exceptions they play perfectly for the most part, the titles where I have seen issues at times is audio syncing to cutscenes... which in the original xbox games that I know and want to play still I either know them off or can watch them on youtube if the cutscene is what I want to see, but gameplay wise is fine.... except for marvel vs capcom 2, that game is tragic lol, dunno why it even allows the game to boot up since the sprites are mangled completely and gameplay is far too slow, but that's the outstanding game from the ones of my collection I've played. 

Also you say that MS isn't making X360s anymore... are you suggesting that system is hard to find? Here in Ireland you can get a x360 pre owned for €38 while a original Xbox would cost €45 which are both gonna be very much pre owned machines as you suggest getting a original Xbox but not a X360 as MS aren't making them, you know the OG xbox has been out of manufacture for some time right.

I've had a few too many bad experience with the 360's emulation. Enough to buy a OG Xbox and play games that way.

You missed my point about the 360 no longer being manufactured. That's why I'm suggesting using the X1S hardware.

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