Mr Puggsly said:
Ganoncrotch said:
you can get a pre owned X360 now for about 50e with a controller which allows backwards compatibility with about 450 of the OG xbox library... also has 100% compatibility with the X360 games library.

This isn't about the best way to play OG Xbox games. Also, MS doesn't produced 360s anymore.

360 is not a great way to play OG Xbox games. Quite frankly, the 360's BC is a crappy option because the emulation isn't great. The 360 tends to run BC games worse than native specs, while the X1 instead gives better performance with increased resolutions. I suspect the X1 is actually using the same emulator as 360, but the emulation team is fixing bugs and performance issues are improved with the brute force power of X1.

If you really wanted to explore the OG Xbox library, get a OG Xbox. They're still easy to find and pretty cheap online. If you wanna dabble in the some of the best OG Xbox with improved visuals and performance, hopefully more games will be added in 2019, a X1 is great. I generally avoided the 360's emulation because it was bad.

Anyhow, my main point was mini consoles are getting a lot of hype at the moment. If MS wanted to jump in that in some way, just use the X1 to make a tribute OG Xbox. People would also love a compilation of notable Xbox games in a single disc or digital purchase. It will be 20 years in 2021 I believe.

wait... I've played a ton of original Xbox games on a X360 and with a few exceptions they play perfectly for the most part, the titles where I have seen issues at times is audio syncing to cutscenes... which in the original xbox games that I know and want to play still I either know them off or can watch them on youtube if the cutscene is what I want to see, but gameplay wise is fine.... except for marvel vs capcom 2, that game is tragic lol, dunno why it even allows the game to boot up since the sprites are mangled completely and gameplay is far too slow, but that's the outstanding game from the ones of my collection I've played.


Also you say that MS isn't making X360s anymore... are you suggesting that system is hard to find? Here in Ireland you can get a x360 pre owned for €38 while a original Xbox would cost €45 which are both gonna be very much pre owned machines as you suggest getting a original Xbox but not a X360 as MS aren't making them, you know the OG xbox has been out of manufacture for some time right.

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