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First of all, aesthetically if they just changed the shell of the Xbox One S to something that looked like the OG Xbox but stayed the same size as the Xbox One S, it would already be a mini compared to OG Xbox. I still have an OG Xbox, its a large device.

The Xbox One S at this moment already supports a chunk of the definitive Xbox titles whether its via Xbox BC or ports to 360 and X1. So MS is pretty close to being able to create a collection of OG Xbox games and sell it physically/digitally and bundle it with a tribute Xbox One S. Ideally it would be done like Rare Replay, some museum stuff and a game launcher. There are still a lot of games that need to be added to OG Xbox BC, but the OG Xbox didn't have nearly as many notable games as Xbox 360. As I've said before, they only need like 70 more OG Xbox games added to BC to get all the games people actually want. Some will never happen for licensing reasons.

Now the biggest flaws with this idea, using the Xbox One S as a OG Xbox mini, is the X1S isn't a simple plug and play device like Nintendo Mini devices. I mean the X1S requires downloads, updates, etc. But its also a technically superior device that doesn't have a single function of running the old games built in. I mean you could buy more OG Xbox games via the store, use actual discs... oh and it plays current gen games.

If people are willing to throw away $99 on a PS Mini which is crappy emulation. Why not ~$199 for a great device!

Great idea? Yes or Yes?

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