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I wanted add the "So..." before my thread because I saw several other people did it in THEIR threads, and they have lots of views and I want some of that "So," keyword power!


Anyway, I've been playing a lot more of this than anyone else here, maybe more than everyone else combined. I think I have done at least 20 minutes of each game, and a lot more of certain games. I'm going to kick this thread off with a story about one game that has really captured my heart.

If you've read a post about someone bashing the Metroid series in this forum, it's probably me. I want to make amends with you guys because of the NES and Metroid... I really LIKE this game! I think running around firing my ice beam and discovering an energy pack on the ceiling of a room I had run through about 30 times before was a really special moment.

If the game has one downside, it's that I find myself farming a lot... On the bright side, I've got much better at the platforming, dodging, and using the ice beam fairly dextrously to stop enemies and get around. The action and platforming in this game is fantastic, and I don't even care that it's repetitive at parts because when I get to a certain type of room I know how to blow right through it. Also, the game gets REALLY good once you get the Screw Attack and Varia Suit.

There are secrets in Metroid and some stuff you stumble upon... like the way to the area that became the Varia Suit... It's easy to figure out that you can get an enemy to go through a gap you shoot open and then bomb yourself up, then freeze... But I was not smart enough to make it all work after 30 minutes of trying, and so I went and found the High Jump and came back later and got it. I think the game is REALLY cool in that it allows skilled players to get through to stuff earlier. Once you have the Varia Suit and Screw Attack, you feel like GOD.

Another thing, the exploration in this is a lot of fun, you can definitely see where Hollow Knight gets its inspiration, it's MUCH more Metroid than Metroidvania. Playing Symphony of the Night recently, I'll say that Hollow Knight doesn't feel much like that at all; but Metroid, very much so!

I've defeated Kraid, and am now entering Ridley's Lair. Anyway, the game is a lot of fun. Some people may find it a little too hardcore, but I think it really lives up to the hype. The original Legend of Zelda is very cryptic, so much so that I am not even sure how I completed the game without help or a guide. Metroid has its secrets and hidden stuff, but it's not like "guess the pattern of directions you're supposed to go" and more like "Here's a suspicious dead end, shoot/bomb around for a few seconds to see if anything's here!"

PS. I still have YET to see a Metroid.

PSS. Don't spoil the ending! Samus is a badass character, and I can't wait to see how his story concludes!

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