Veknoid_Outcast said:
I’d be fine with a Scorpion or Raiden in Smash—Ryu already set the precedent—but a Nintendo character in MK would be a bit out of place. Also, the gore in MK can be nauseating at times, and, honestly, I’d prefer not to see Mario decapitated or Samus drawn and quartered.

I’d be cool with Raiden!  Him vs. Pikachu.  😁

melbye said:
Really have no interest in seeing any Nintendo-character get their spine ripped out

Always possible, with a lot of work, to make unique Finishing Moves for characters to use against Bowser, that are slightly less brutal.  

mZuzek said:
Nintendo character in Mortal Kombat? No.

Mortal Kombat character in Smash, though? Yeah, no.

Oh well.

S.Peelman said:
I don’t think so, it would be weird. Maybe, maybe they could make a villain work. Like Ganondorf in Mortal Kombat, I’d see that before any of the good guys.

Ganondorf vs Shao Khan!

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Bayonetta's costumes are not an example of this kind of crossover. There's a spectrum of cartoon violence and Bayonetta happens to be on it - just in the "M" category of it. Games like Mortal Kombat and Doom are certainly cartoony in their violence, but they skew too far in the gory direction I think. So no, Nintendo wouldn't allow their characters to be in Mortal Kombat.

As for Mortal Kombat being in Smash .... I honestly wouldn't mind someone like Sub-Zero, but at the same time this kind of mentality really annoys me. It REALLY annoys me that a game simply being on a Nintendo platform makes people think that the game is likely to be rep'd in Smash Bros. It REALLY annoys me that the first thing that came out of Mortal Kombat 11 being on Switch was people automatically thinking that MK will be/should be in Smash. I don't think these characters should be added just cause. We're at a point where people have less skepticism over Mortal Kombat getting in than they did for popular anime boys from huge japanese franchises getting in just because they weren't on a Nintendo platform.

I think that from a franchise perspective, the series is old enough and has stood the test of time well enough/is currently relevant, that a character would be deserving to enter SSBU. Add to that the timing of SSBU and MK11 and it’s not a bad marketing idea.  We’ll see.

Loneken said:
Mortal Kombat characters in other game? Yes...but only in Killer Instinct.

That’d be cool.