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StarDoor said:
colafitte said:

Ok then. I was saying that line from NPD specifically though, not all the news from Nintendo itself. But if you explain me is because that line from NPD will be today in the public report, then ok, my apologies.

But i still don't like that NPD talks about same gen systems, and that they only say Switch is ahead when it benefits Switch but they don't say the same when it falls behind again.

Well, NPD is a for-profit organization, and they get their revenue from the businesses who are subscribed to their reports. They're not going to loudly announce negative news about their own customers. I doubt that they'll announce it when Xbox One falls behind Xbox 360 next month either.

kirby007 said: 

NPD DIDNT... They only provided the data, businesswire the website linked in the OP actually wrote the article

No, that likely is something that NPD wrote. They said something similar in the report for December 2017.

Yeah, that will explain what i'm saying. NPD usually is very impartial, so is not that i'm against them or anything similar, is just that i don't want them falling in PR bullshit too like other companies.

And, yes i'm saying all of this because NPD indeed said the same thing last year, and now we know what happened during 2018. So we'll hear again in December 2019 that  Switch "have become" the fastest selling console of the gen again then?