shikamaru317 said:
Mr Puggsly said:
So there could be four different Xbox devices on the market at once? Okay.

Are the X1X and low end Scarlett going to be around $300 at the same time?

Meh, I guess the goal is to have all bases covered. But I still think X1 is gonna stay relevant in some form for years into the 9th gen.

That's what it looks like, but maybe they plan to only support XB1 S and X with cross-gen games for a year or so.

They will probably discontinue X in 2020 if Lockhart is basically an X with a few improvements like Windows Central's sources suggest, and drop any remaining X stock down to $250 to clear it out. There would literally be no reason for somebody to buy an X instead of Lockhart if they are about the same price but X can't play next-gen games like Lockhart can. S meanwhile will likely keep selling for $150 or so until it is discontinued around 2022 most likely. 

I imagine they would want to discontinue the X1S first given that would become the most difficult to support over time and is already getting some underwhelming ports. I don't think they want to sell it for $149 either. Instead I feel like they would just push the X1X at $249, maybe there would be a remodel to make it cheaper to produce as well.

In that scenario, the entry option of X1X at $249 should be capable of playing modern games well at 1080p (or higher) with potentially reduced performance due to the dated CPU. While the Scarlett consoles will be priced higher at $349 and $499.

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