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SKMBlake said:
DonFerrari said:
You kinda contradict yourself. If they put very little budget on their not well recognized franchises then they are being very conservative on avoid risk.

Certainly I can agree that Nintendo makes more varied titles than most if not all Japanese developers. Still Capcom and Sega aren't limited to the 2 IPs each you have put.

But yes, we can agree with the premisse you put on general terms.

Yeah but when you see Sega doesn't wanna fund Bayonetta 2 and rather pay for another shitty Sonic game that almost no one even want or care, you realize they aren't always good risk takers.

In fact, the Bayonetta case is a good point for the thread

They took the risk in Bayo1 and it didn't pay out. Bayo2 wasn't a risk for Nintendo it was a calculated loss on the game to increase game count and diversity on WiiU.

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