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Ninty has a very long tested strategy, its "safe" widely popular franchises, careful cost management, starting from the very choice of components that already reached commodity level on development and price, profit maximisation and wise financial investments whenever sales go well and loyal core fanbase, that BTW helps big franchises giving it a higher first and second party share on SW sales compared to other console makers, give it room to try more experiments than other gaming companies. And while experiments on new platforms can be risky, those on games and peripherals almost always aren't too expensive, even the most conceptually daring ones.

Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly! (Pontius Pilate, "Life of Brian")
A fart without stink is like a sky without stars.
TGS, Third Grade Shooter: brand new genre invented by Kevin Butler exclusively for Natal WiiToo Kinect. PEW! PEW-PEW-PEW!