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JRPGfan said:
zorg1000 said:

If they follow the same MoM trend as last year than they would look something like this

PS4-3.21 million
XBO-1.46 million
NSW-6.47 million  *5,2 million


That would also put total 2018 sales at

PS4- 17.52 million

XBO- 7.07 million

NSW- 17.50 million  * 16,23 million

Those probably arnt to far off.... even if I think the Switch one might be abit high.
6.5m in december sounds abit high to me, probably closer to 5m.

PS4 should still be ontop for 2018 imo.

Ya a much stronger November might affect the MoM gains for Switch this year, I expect 5-6 million.

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