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Sahib said:
Indeed, Naughty Dog is easily the most diverse developer out their. They’ve created critically acclaimed blockbusters in so many different genres it boggles the mind that they’re all from one developer.

Not even close:

-PS1: Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot Racing

-PS2: Jak and Daxter, Jak X: Combat Racing

-PS3: Uncharted and Last of Us

-PS4: Uncharted and Last of US


Now try to compare that with Rare just on N64 platform:

-Killer Instinct Gold

-Blast Corps

-GoldenEye 007


-Diddy Kong Racing

-Jet Force Gemini

-Donkey Kong 64

-Conker's Bad Fur Day

-Perfect Dark

-Mickey's Speedway

Rare just on N64 have more diverse games than Naughty Dog last 4 generations combined.


But what I find very impressive about Naughty Dog is they went from Crash Bandicoot to Last of US.