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We know Switch is destroying Wii U and is outpacing 3DS in the US, but how does it compare to both of them combined? The years used will be 3DS-2012, Wii U-2014, NSW-2018


Month 3DS Wii U 3DS+Wii U NSW
January 160k 50k 210k 270k
February 260k 80k 340k 280k
March 225k 70k 295k 310k
April 125k 50k 175k 170k
May 115k 60k 175k 165k
June 155k 140k 295k 325k
July 130k 80k 210k 265k
August 175k 60k 235k 205k
September 215k 90k 305k 260k
October 190k 70k 260k 255k
November 540k 240k 780k 1355k
December 1250k 580k 1830k 1770k
YTD 3540k 1570k 5110k 5630k
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