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dude you are just wrong, look at past consoles DS, and Wii who had mario kart at 20 to 40 million copies sold......other 3rd party games sold a couple millions, some reach 5 million or more, but regardless no games compete with Nintendo sales if Nintendo have the same amount of hardware sold. Meaning mario party on wii sold 32 million before it got bundle on a 100 million system, while grand theft reach 30 million from on 160 million consoles from xbox and sony hardware sales together. Nintendo can compete with anyone as long as there is enough hardware sales sold to compete.


There is no 3rd party on any console that can compete, so even with nintendo taking up the chart do not mean there is no money for 3rd party, because even with their high sales on ds and Wii the 1 million to 10 million games 3rd party sold stlll gave them a lot of money and like someone wrote before, game budgets on Nintendo system are way less than on ps4, so if ps4 need to sell 3 million to break even, some 3rd party developers admit on ds and wii they only needed to sell 50k to 200k to break even which majority of them did, and I am talking about big games, little games needed way less sales. so Carnival games that came out on Wii that just came out for Switch is a game that barely need to sell to make profits.

retail only nintendo system already show you people buy more on it, fifa last year version outsold ps4 version.........dragon quest 11 on 3ds out sold ps4 in retail.......Nintendo games have great legs, when fifa drop last year sony out sold it first week, it was not until december with its legs that switch over take


Sony games dont have legs so once a 3rd party move off the chart its gone for good look at monster hunter world it lasted from end of january to April when it stop showing on the chart thats the longest a ps4 game ever went