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As said above, Sony doesn't need to buy more studios. They just need to expand the ones they already own, or establish new studios.

I think expanding Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Bend, Polyphony Digital, and Sucker Punch to Two Teams would be a good start. Then I think they are in dire need of a JRPG Studio in Japan. Those expansions should be enough for them to continue successful franchises, and continue to deliver new franchises at the same tme.

I feel that continuing to expand their exclusive offerings, while maintaining an industry leading, and ever rising quality bar, is key to maintaining and growing the Ecosystem. They need to continue to deliver on what the expectations they have built, while also trying their hand at new genres, and formats. If they can continue to grow to the point where they are delivering Uncharted/God of War/Detroit/Spider-Man level games, across TV/Gamepad, VR, and the Online Space, they will cotinue to see great success.

One thing I see for certain, if they do not grow, and just continue their current status quo, they will eventually begin to loose ground. That is a fact everywhere, if you do not continue to improve and expand, eventually you will start to see your competition gain on and/or surpass you. Being great is not good enough, you can maintain what made you the market leader, but in time, even if you do everything right, but only maintain, you will fall behind. Everything is about growth, and if you want to stay ahead, you have to find the balance between continued innovation, and over accelerated progress. You have to put things out that imrpove, even when people are not asking for it, yet you can't put things out to fast or people will reject it. It is a crazy good game in itself.

Hopefully Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have road maps for expansion, and innovation. We need them to keeping fighting off Apple and Google.

Thanks for letting me rant.

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Kevyn B Grams